“I was skeptical about learning anything potentially life-changing at these sessions, as I had already attended wonderful seminars on practical psychology and character development. To my great surprise, what I learned at Living Judaism was so revolutionary that there has not been a day since I left Seattle when I have not applied the wisdom that they shared with me. I have even gone on to share  their teachings with my  students, who were equally impacted! Understanding that our world is an inside-out world has forever altered the emotional impact that heavy work loads, fund-raising obligations, and challenging responsibilities have on me. High stress levels, feelings of being overwhelmed, and lack of inspiration in my job have been replaced with a general sense of calm, fun, and inspiration. Living Judaism is much more than an information dispenser. It changes the way you perceive life, relationships, and yourself.”

- Rabbi Y. Robkin, Dallas, Texas


I feel that my approach to guiding my students and being there for them in their issues has been transformed through this training. I have been able to give them a perspectives that frees them from their being trapped in life without having to go through the therapy approach of what happenned when you were two… This has been very liberating for me and has been a critical component in building a strong partnership with my co-director in Plano.

Rabbi N. Zakon
Director DATA of Plano

Dear Mark,

I have undertaken many classes over the last 15 years, but this is a class I will always hold dear to my heart.  Talk about a major and quite possibly life changing AHAH. I believe you are a Master in the way you spoke and how your words facilitated my shift in thought. I have spent so much of my life looking for Balance and ways to “Be in the present,” but the results were usually short term. With your sessions, it’s amazing how balance and being in the present have “just come onto me”. As I said in our last session, I know I will be back.

Jon C.
Seattle, WA

“I have known Rabbi Mark for over a year now. We were going through a rough patch in our relationship with my then fiancee when we went to see him. His help in my relationship with my now husband! (as well as with myself) was and still is tremendous. It seems like Rabbi Mark always know exactly which approach to use and which words to find. In my last one-on-one session with him he was able to show me the underlying cause of a lot of my problems in a whole new waythat gave me a totally different perspective on things. Now they seem so obvious, yet without Rabbi Mark’s help I was clueless and in denial. Rabbi Mark is patient, wise and fair in his counseling.”

- Anonymous, Seattle WA

“Rabbi Spiro (Mark) has been there for me countless times when I have had issues in my life that needed ironing out.  He is an excellent listener and gives simple advice that goes a long way.  He was exceptionally helpful when a major relationship in my life was going down hill fast - in fact it was becoming toxic.  He refreshed the tools he had already given me and saved this relationship for me.  I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for him, I believe this relationship would have been over and my life would be in a very bad place right now.  Thank you Mark, from the bottom of my heart!”

- Leslie S, Seattle WA

“The Rabbi has helped me find a more luminous path. I can’t explain how he works. I just know that I am able to find my own way without requiring anyone to join it. I use my strengths, courage and faith. There is less melodrama and more of a sense of personal progress. I am no longer only along for a ride to places I may not want to go. I feel purposeful without needing to demand or achieve a specific result. The “tochu v’bochu,” (chaos and void) are receding and replaced with a sense of calm.”

- Naomi bat Leib, San Diego CA

“Thank you for making our class such an enriching experience. The suggestions you gave us have helped me in my daily life to live more from within, from the inside, rather than being so vulnerable to outside circumstances. This is an enrichment that won’t go away, and that adds immeasurable tranquility to my thoughts and actions as well as serving as a comforting baseline for my marriage.”

- Betty M, Seattle WA

“The classes we took we absolutely insightful and we have so much more to learn.  We look forward to working with you again and will gladly tell our friends about your services.”

- Laura H, Seattle WA

“Mark’s personal marriage lessons before our wedding were invaluable. He teaches practical wisdom how to build & maintain a healthy, strong relationship with one’s spouse. Now after almost two years of marriage, I can’t imagine how married life could get any better!”

- Jacob G, Baltimore, MD

Dear Mark,

It is so very difficult to express into words the impact your discussions have made. Many of my friends notice something different about me. They know it is not external but they can’t figure it out. That’s okay, they don’t have to understand. While in Seattle, my husband and I developed a deeper bond and can communicate easier. I enjoy being around him so much more. The one issue we used to disagree heavily on can now be discussed more openly and with deeper understanding. The anger and yelling has disappeared. I don’t have to do crazy things anymore to get his attention. We help each other more. We are a team. Thank you is just not enough!

Shirley B.
Baltimore, MD

“Mark, Once again I found our class last night to be enormously useful. I’m so impressed with the elegant simplicity that you seem to be able to bring to important issues like anger and the role of humility in character. I’m accustomed to thinking of these concepts, however important they may be, as too amorphous and subjective to ever be discussed with serious intellectual rigor, even if we can mostly agree on extreme examples of right and wrong. Your explanations make a great deal of sense to me and not only provide a great framework for thinking them but measuring them as well.”

- Jon R, Seattle WA

“Thanks to Rabbi Spiro I can now enjoy living in the moment. I appreciate those moments that I simply could never have retrieved being caught up with the distractions life throws at you. I recommend him to everyone I know!! My new sense of quality of life has given me many moments I would not have wanted to miss!”

- Fanny Z, Baltimore, Md

“I feel like I gained tremendously from the Seattle Innate Health Psychology taught by Mark Spiro.  I have learned how to experience the moment and enjoy life more by living this philosophy.  As a result, I feel like I can enjoy doing each thing that I’m doing at the time and not getting as overwhelmed as I have in the past by considering all of the other things that I must be doing.  This way of thinking has also helped me slow down and not feel like I’m just running with lots of things to be doing.  I am very grateful for participating in the Psycology of Mind program and feel more relaxed and at ease to deal with the challenges of life.”

- Chanie R, New York, NY

“I have known Rabbi Spiro for many years and have always had a deep respect for his teaching style and his unique skill at making Judaism relevant to everyday life.  His insightful reflections are matched only by his comfortable style of communicating them to a broad spectrum of people.  I have also had the opportunity to benefit from his coaching services.  We all go through rough periods in our lives and sometimes asking for help can be the most difficult step to take.  I took that step and Rabbi Spiro was able to help me access the G-d given skills I already possess to reshape my life.  He helped me gain insight into the very nature of my own thoughts and our discussions were effective and empowering.  His lecture entitled Moral Kombat: The Dynamics of the Inner Struggle, which you can find on You Tube, wonderfully captures the principals that have been so very helpful to me in how I move through the world.  I highly recommend anyone seeking guidance to give Rabbi Spiro a call.”

- Howard G, Seattle, WA

“We create our world around us based on our own perspective. The core principle that we are the ones who influence the world around us, not the world influencing us, is a powerful notion. For the longest time, I allowed circumstances–external factors–to control my life; I allowed my happiness to be determined by others. Rabbi Spiro’s counseling has helped me overcome a very deep-seated fear of failure, empowering me to move ahead. Thank you!”

- Josh P, Seattle WA

“I cannot explain in words how Mark Spiro has helped changed my life. I went to him in a shambles, frustrated with many of my relationships and lacking confidence in myself and left with a clear steady head. My perspective on life has changed. He helped me find clarity and peace within. This new perspective has given me to the tools to conquer anything that comes my way in the future. I feel like a new and better me.”

- Raquel M., Seattle WA

“I was at one of the lowest point is my life. My husband just passed away and I was left with 4 kids to raise on my own. At times I was feeling desperate. A family friend recommended that I speak with Rabbi Spiro. I said ” I will do anything to just get a little break from this terrible sadness”.

Rabbi Spiro taught me to let go of fear and focus my energy in positive ways; in ways where I could not only be successful but be a better parent for my kids. He helped me to become my own friend and gave me the freedom to love my self for who I am and the confidence to take care of my own life. I will always miss my husband terribly, yet I know I am here to care for myself and my children and live life the best way possible. Happiness is achievable. I will forever be thankful to Rabbi Spiro for the amazing tools he gave me to live a better life.”

- Valentina Sharabi, San Diego, CA